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Yes, I think that we are probably all contradictions of what we think we are, want to be, really are, perceived to be, etc, etc.

It's a difficult question, because we feel that only we, ourselves, really know what is going on inside us, yet only others can really know how we behave to the outside world.

Which is the real me?

Without that mirror it's hard to be sure.

So true, PDM. I have a LONG poem where the writer talks about the different aspects of ourselves - what we actually are, what we want to be, how we see ourselves, how others see us, and so on. And it talks about the facades we hide behind because we are frightened to have anyone know us as we really are (or think we are), but we long nonetheless for someone to both know us and appreciate us.

Perhaps the best mirror is the smile (or other expression of appreciation) of someone to whom you have shown love and caring.

Marge is the love of my life.