Spiders, roaches, anything that is in the bathroom with Marge - brings out the all out kill mode, but she tends to not be as good aiming when she in the berserker mode. So I have to go rescue her. Fortunately, this hasn't happened since we left the Tampa area in 2002.

Her real phobia is fear of balloons. She had a brother who used to terrorize her by popping them in her face. People in her family used to laugh about it, and put her down about it until I put a stop to it. I'm her Bear! Protective bear, that is.

And I have a niece who wants nothing to do with clowns. She saw one just this past week (in a show), and she ran to be with her parents. I'd say the clown was lucky. This little 7 yo knows karate and has a killer roundhouse kick.

My phobias? I have a moderate to heavy fear of heights. Yet, I climbed the mast of an aircraft carrier several times to the 2nd hightest antenna there - the passive Electronic Countermeasures antenna - to work on it. And I was the one to take pictures at the Grand Canyon (Marge wouldn't go near).

And I have a fear of abandonment (from childhood).

Marge is the love of my life.