After I got out of the Navy, I remained in San Diego (I had been on the Duluth, LPD-6).

I got active at Skyline Wesleyan Church (then in Lemon Grove, California), and after seminary, spent a year there as a Resident Intern Pastor. My primary job that year was assisting the Junior High Director, who had a program involving over 200 Junior Highers. My very first night there, was on a Wednesday night. Steve (the director) believed in tiring the kids out first, and then going back to the church for the learning activities. So this night was soccer - and all the counselors and leaders played, too! And there were TWO soccer balls in action at the same time. My tongue was hanging.

Anyway, as I drove kids to various activities in San Diego and LA, I had talked about snipe hunts. And the kids learned real quick that it was a scam. Most people you can laugh, and then get serious and pretend that your laughter meant nothing, and get them at least half-believing again.

Not so these kids. They pretended to believe, but on a beach trip to Mission Beach, some of them (near time to go) wanted to go on a coeducational snipe hunt down the beach. I said, NO! Get in the bus. I wasn't born yesterday.

PS - I WANTED someone to send me on a wild goose chase. I had a space for one of my ECM gear (the active ECM) that could only be entered from the portside catwalk along the flight deck. I figured I'd go there and sack out, and nobody would be able to find me right away. And I'd have the perfect excuse - I was ordered to do such and such.

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