Well Louie was my first keet outside my parents house. He/she (still not sure) is very sweet. I kinda expected a stand-offish bird. And Louie totally loves to cuddle. Peeps was my greatest suprise. I did not want to keep her. I was just doing a favor for a friend and had planned to re-home her. But she quickly won us both over with her crazy antics and spunky personality. She will forever have been my favorite bird.
Basil was exactly what I expected. Spunky, nosey, busy and chatty. Edgar is totally opposite. I thought he would act more like a parakeet but he is very much like a little old man. He is the most calm and "whatever" bird I have owned. He really has this laid back attitude.

Patches well.. he is very odd. The screaming thing is not what I expected. I truely am having a hard time bonding too him. However, he loves my husband.

RIP Peeps