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If a mirror could reveal your heart (not your physical heart, but who you are), what would it show?

I think that I am basically very honest & I mean well (and sometimes the two don't go well together).
Often I don't understand why everyone else isn't honest & well-meaning too.
Then I try to understand these other incomprehensible people.
If I am successful in understanding them, then others cannot understand why I might sympathise with dishonest or not-well-meaning people.
It can be very complicated ~ nor not. smile

How well I understand this, PDM. This is a very insightful post!

I also have to stop and think before I speak (write). It's similar to one of the steps of the 12-step recovery programs - making amends except when to do so harms others.

But it is complicated. Sometimes it may be important to say what's on one's heart, even when it may cause unease or even reveal one's own "splinters in the eye."

But when the heart is basically a loving, caring one - such as yours, PDM, I think the outcome is going to be good ultimately.

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