CM, your Carl Analysis is hilarious (and brilliant too)! Sorry, Carl (and Trippi), but I'm just not a cat person (although Trippi sounds like a cutie-pie)...

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it truly angers me that people insist that others deal with their fears. Don't they have enough on their own plates (that is faults in their own lifes that need to be addressed)? ... But if it is something that can be lived with - that is worked around, what does it hurt others? And to mock another, or worse to confont them with what triggers their fear - is torture that hopefully will bring them their own special karma.
I couldn't agree more. It is so difficult to explain it to people, sometimes --- such an almost over-whelming sensation of panic, trouble breathing & walking, shakiness, etc.

I've come close to Coco's Mama's situation of nearly dropping to the floor. Irrational or not, it's a very real terror, and I agree with Carl that forcing people to confront the phobia is torturous and can backfire...

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The flowers and budgies people - I like it. The new hippie generation. Smell the flowers and kiss the budgies.
Or may I suggest: Smell the budgies, and kiss the flowers, if you like -- but definitely smell the budgies! Ahhhh... smile