maybe freaked, maybe not. welcome! if i may say joujou, i am not an "active" person either. i have had a 23 yr marriage. these things are so hard to figure and women do those things, it is human nature. humans have egos, and there are times i am convinced that if egos didn't exist, the worl would be much less tangled! egos prevent people from telling the truth, to themselves or others. i don't want you to be hurt, but, if he dosen't have what it takes to speak to you to your face and explain what he meant... then, he may be right. you deserve everything you would give to someone else, don't let anyone walk on you.
if you have waited this long for the right one... keep waiting, because when you find him, there will be no worries. you will be able to answer your own question because it will be the "right" answer.
let your heart guide you... not take you over.
good luck dear, do what is right for you.

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