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hi actually i just registred in this forum so i don't know how we proceed to ask questions and get answers .i'll ask you im 25 years old i've never been kissed i've never been in a date it's by choice i just want to be with the one and only .there's a lot of guys around me waiting for just a gesture from me seriously but i've never been interested until this guy i just had a super deeper crush im in love for the first time in my life so i did the first step i wrote him a super sweet note and a gave it to him he texted me at midnight to tell me it touched him and we should go out and start to know each other .but the next day he ignored me completly did i mention we work together so i was confused and in the evening he texted me again to tell me that he was flatered that a girl like me is interested by someone like him but he doesn't deserve me and he was sorry .have you ever seen a 12hours love story.the problem i see him everyday at work he's really nice and loveble with everyone exept me actually i wrote him in the note that i want to have my first kiss ever with him.i mean if in this synical world where we live you find someone sincere and nice and you say no to him you might have a problem.shoul i just ignore him too i know its a very childish thing but i might have 25 yearsand a successful career but im just a 12years old girl at heart .im lost in this men world what should i do tweetymom.thanks a lot if you read this.wish you a lot of love and happiness im jiji by the way.

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