i remember this boy in my 5th grade class. he was so nice and cute. light brown hair, light skin, about 3 inches or so taller than me. i sat near him in the classroom. i remember his name, but not how to spell it. lol.
i liked him so much that i was one to show my affection is mean/funny ways. altho, i do not remember actually letting him know i DID like him. i once told him to get out of his chair. i told him to turn around so he was facing the opposite way. i then proceeded to pull his chair away from his desk. (i am sure u can see where this is going...lol) i then told him to stay facing the other way and to sit down. he did sit and fell straight to the floor. i got in trouble of course, had to write sentences. LOL. crazy
of course now i feel bad that i did that. hehe.

the clothing was LA Gear high top shoes with bright colored shoe laces. wearing with double socks that were different colors. but matched what u were wearing. jeans, faded or levi's 501's. big bangs. teased hair. and rock band t-shirts. man i miss the 80's....

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