OMG I just realized but save one, I have managed to find myself single each Valentines, mind you this may be due to the fact that other than sleeping/hibernating and watching the telly I rarely leave the house in February.

Anyway I think it is a cute holiday. Personally if I was with someone special I would love to even get a poem or a hand made card and some gift that was more sentimental than pricey.

What I do find over the top is (from when I worked in jewelery) parents would bring in 13 yr old to by their girlfriend me cheap but what???!!!
Firstly how about some chocolate or a teddy bear and second gold bracelets in grade 8 for a girlfriend etc, am I old fashioned, how can a parent support this. I thought they needed their heads checked.

Really though it is a fun day if you are attached, depressing day if you are alone, a horrible day to wed on in my opinion but each to their own.