On another board which is new to me, I am confronted with a type of humor which I'm familiar with, but which - at best - I find mildly amusing and - at worst - I find bothersome.

I see no section in the Parakeets section for "less than serious discussion and/or debate" so I'm putting this topic in the form of a question of the day (and had thought of making it a game in the sense of one posts and responds).

I like humor which is based on association and allusions (puns, or alluding to people or events or whatever - kind of a trivia thing, or playing on words and their different meanings or variations of meanings, or deliberately going with wrong words, or... anything crazy.).

The "who's on first" I find uproarious. Yet, I confess, when I found out that Lou Costello was actually mean and spiteful, I can't seem to find Abbott and Costello quite as funny any more.

And I never cared for the 3 stooges, nor even one of them with his cigar. I just don't care for slapstick (that centers on someone being hurt or humiliated). For this reason, I hated Candid Camera, and I think there is a new TV program now which is along this theme.

I like to have sardonic humor back and forth - even mild insults that are understood as not attacking the other person, but I don't like humor which has at its base overt insult, or disrespect.

What do you find funny?

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