I loved the skits that Carol Burnett did also and she relied a lot on silent gags a lot like Red Skelton did. She did a more subtle form of slap stick like in the skit about the janitor woman. She would get her foot stuck in her bucket and basicall keep messing up stuff finally at the end of the skit she bends over and Harvey comes in the door and the door hits her and she goes out the window. All of the slap stick happened to her though. It was hilarious. I don't like the form the three stooges did though. I enjoy subtle humor that is dry,like in the English comedies. I like Lewis Black also. I also think John Candy was one of the funniest men alive. He could just raise an eyebrow and look at someone for three seconds and you would crack up. Plains trains and automobiles is one of his funniest movies ever with Steve Martin.

OH OH and let's not forget the famous duo, Laurel and Hardy. Again, Oliver could give stan a look and you knew what was going to happen. My husband and I were talking about how much trouble stan used to get into and no matter how unbelievable he could always do something amazing that defied reality and then Oliver would try it and it would fail.

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