Hmmm...not much to do in the high desert but one thing I love doing is to go walking thru the Joshua Tree forest...or that is what I call it!

Here up in the high desert, Palmdale to be exact..we have a lot of Joshua trees thruout but there are a few areas where it is just tons and tons, masses and masses of them all together...the desert being still very much undisturbed and not developed in these areas.
To me it is very beautiful especially when the trees are abloom with their large flowers. I love these trees because each one is so different, two never the same. Each has their own wonderful shape.

Often you can see gorgeous Ravens atop these trees as well as various other birds. I also like to watch the cute little lizards run up and down the trunks.

The Joshua trees were especially beautiful just a few weeks ago when we got over 9 inches of snow...a rarity here up in the high desert(24 years since this much snow). We might get a dusting of snow once a year during the winter. Well, a few weeks ago because of that rare load of snow the Joshua trees got covered in beautiful, white glistening snow and were so very beautiful to look at. Walking thru the snow covered "Joshua tree forest" was such a pretty little adventure.