Carl, that was so nice of your uncle! My Uncle loans money to almost everyone in the family. When he was in his twenties, he somehow inherited a small oil well, or something like that. Anyway, a few years later, he almost lost it, and he prayed to God that if he would let him keep the oil well, he would use the income to help God's people. By some miracle, he was able to keep it, and since then, he has put all fo the money he gets from it into the "family fund." He loans or gives money to people in tha family when they need it. He pays my grandmothers health ins. every month, etc. He loaned me $2,000.00 to buy and fix up a car, and asked me to pay him back $1,000.00. He also loaned me $1500.00 for my apartment, so that I could put down the security deposit and first months rent, and buy some furniture. He doesnt charge me any interest, and if I cant pay every month, he is okay with that.

~ Maggie
Mama to Juliana Elise (03/07), Wesley Dominick (06/10) and four feathered 'tielbabies!