Never too late.

Marge had planned to take some short-term traveler nursing contracts after this Spring - when she can work without the federal government penalizing her social security retirement income. That way we could visit my kids in California, go up to Oregon and Washington, go to Alaska, to Hawaiia.

But hospitals are tightening up on taking traveler nurses now, with the economy plummeting. Also, Marge's Mom is living with us now, and is recuperating from some medical problems. So major traveling is just not in the picture.

I'd like to see Philadelphia.

When Marge travel-nursed in Rochester, NH, in Fall, 2002 (our apartment was in Dover), we took the train to Boston, and had a great time seeing the sights.

And when we'd travel to Portland, Maine, to see our grandkids, we'd explore - seeing covered bridges, lighthouses, tall ship festivals, apple festivals, and looking for Americana (the room that MIL is now in we called the Americana room, but all of it has come down now, and Mom's stuff will be going up).

And when the snow came, her contract was up, and we got to go to San Diego. Marge grew up in upstate New York, and does not want to live in snow ever again.

Marge is the love of my life.