Marge and I do usually observe the day, as we do most other occasions. And I think we are both creative and romantic in our approaches. Yet, it doesn't take the "special" days for these things to happen. And sometimes, the special thing that occurs on the traditional day would not be so considered by others.

Yes, I'll create a card for Marge for Valentines (and her birthday on 2/22), and yes, there will be chocolate (we both like it), and probably flowers (but today we're digging up some rose bushes and putting them in a different location, and her Mom was talking about roses at Walmart and how inexpensive, and Marge was talking about how short time they last).

But the main "gift" for Valentines AND Marge's birthday is the fitness program for the Wii that we got Marge when we got a refund on our escrow account.

One thing Marge would definitely like - maybe I can give her later in the year: a massage from a really good masseur or masseuse (like at a spa).

Marge is the love of my life.