Sorry, PDM. This is the last. I lived in Lomita Village from '72 through '75, then came back after seminary in '79-'80.

My present wife, Marge, and I stayed in an apartment in La Jolla Colony and she had a travel-nursing contract in Encinitas.

Quite a move up from the house I had before (but which had tripled in value while I was in seminary. Too bad I didn't hold on to it, but we needed the money for school, and we bought the house we were in at Kentucky).

When I worked at KECR-FM, the weather was always about the same, and I've always thought San Diego weather the best in the U.S. Marge thought it was too cool, though, and didn't like it much (but we were there from the end of 12/02 to 3/03).

I am kind of familiar with the areas you mention, but I saw when we were there last that it has changed a lot, and it took me some time to get reacquainted, and we went to new places (Tiajuana, Rosarito, Old Town). An interview of Marge and me by TV sports was aired on the Evening news there 3 times one night before the Super Bowl (3 different segments). We had been at the Hotel at Torrey Pines to see the Bucs players (we still have season tickets, but my stepson & his wife now pay for them and use them).

Marge is the love of my life.