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What a nifty thread/game! Wonder why I didn't spot it before...

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If a mirror could reveal your heart (not your physical heart, but who you are), what would it show?

What a difficult question! What of you, Carl?

As for me, it would show the persecuted innocent and children/infants. If there's anything this heart beats for, it's little ones. Honestly, the rest of the mirror would be awfully hard and stubborn. I have no compassion for stupidity and senseless violence, nor for much else. My heart has always been like a mother, I've been told.

My childhood and life have been difficult (and joyful also, thankfully). My heart reaches out to people in their reality. Sometimes the reality is not pretty, but to change the Martina McBride song just a bit, love them [do it] anyway.

I think my heart remains open to love and to be loved. This was my prayer during my darkest hour, and God answered my prayer.

Marge is the love of my life.