You guys are wayyyyy funny. A member here first told me about this site, and she was right. This place truly is good for me.

My wife, Marge, first found a site which deals with info and support for autoimmune blood disorders, especially one that is called ITP. I talk about it some on Marge's and my romance and travel website. I began to go there to read also, and soon found myself sharing. Plus spouses and family of those with disorders also need a little support, I think.

Over the next couple of years, Marge went into remission, but she was never "into" the socializing on the ITP support board. For her it was mostly info.

Anyhow, some from the other board know she's real. Since then, I've passed on to her requests to "join" but so far she passes.

I'll let her read your comments, but I'll tell you now. I don't claim to be perfect, and she would agree. I procrastinate. I don't like throwing my things away. I don't like to "go" as much as she does. I can be cheap at times and spendthrift at others. And I can be moody, and get my feelings hurt.

And there have been a few times when I partied too good at football games and was telling everyone around what a wonderful wife I have. Nobody really got mad at me, though - well, except for Marge after the game when one of us got lost going to the car. She claims it had to do with the tailgate party and the jello shooters and the beers at the game.

But I can also be loyal and loving. Just not perfect.

Also, I learned from my failed marriages (21 years and 1 year) that communication is good; and I also can see the difference when the person you're with complements your heart and soul.

And, like when I've been out at karaoke, and Marge was working, I've also learned that it establishes who I am and what kind of friendships I can be in, by talking about her. It's quite true what I have to say, but it also makes a statement, I think.

Marge is the love of my life.