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Diane, my best friend and I always thought the Stehanie Plum novels would make a great tv series too. Hey, you could be the casting director!
Carl, here's a link to a Stephen Hunter site-I really loved the Bob Lee Swagger and Earl Swagger series and have also read most of the others-all good. My dad is the one who introduced me to them years ago. I think you'd like them. Check it out

Thanks. I bookmarked it. I took a quick look at one of them - the 47th Samurai, and it sounds interesting. Author was born 3 years after me. I'm always amazed at what people know. I guess we all learn in different directions. One of the ones that the link showed as "similar works" was by the author David Baldacci. I've read him, and other adventure and political novels, as well.

I'll just start grabbing books by Hunter and catch up.

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