ROFL!!!!!!! it still happens carl.. when i was in a few years ago, got out in 2002, we had the same things on the small boys. destroyer ships for those who don't know navy lingo. hehe. there were left handed screw drivers and stripped paint and fallopian tubes too. the mail buoy watch is still around too. and, yes BLR, the bucket of steam. all kinds of crazy stuff. LOL.
i can't remember the one about the water line. that was popular with the boatswains mates. haha

and we also caught fireflies when i was a kid, when i lived in OK. we had jars for them too and put them in our bedrooms too. we even put holes in the lids so they could breath. lol.
and i forgot that when we lived there we had a duck. it ended up flying away a few months after we got it.