Right now I only have my dog Abbey and of course my keet Levi.
I must say that neither are what I expected.
I've had dogs/puppies all my life but when I got Abbey as a pup of 7 wks old she was sooo smart for being just a baby. She never "went" in the house. Ever. She never chewed anything she wasn't supposed to and she learned sit, shake, lay down within minutes of teaching her.I swear she must be part human because she understands everything you say. You can't even spell things in front of her because she can spell!Sometimes I think she is even psychic because I'll be watching tv and thinking about going outside for a quick cig during the next commercial and she's suddenly right there in front of me waiting to go out with me. HOW does she know I'm going out before I even say anything? hmm And if I plan to be going somewhere for the day she gets all mopey before I even say I'm going somewhere.
And Levi is so much more fun, and smart and playful than I ever imagined a bird could be.I had no idea how intelligent and personable these little guys can be. I also knew that some keets could talk but I wasn't counting on the fact that he would and now he does smile
All in all they both go way beyond my expectations. I guess I lucked out with both of them.