Yes, military men send people on "wild goose chases" also. When I was aboard an aircraft carrier, I sent a fellow electronics tech to the supply department (who sent him on to other places) for [now you have to understand that this was the day that the electron tube was used in electronic equipment; later more and more the solid state circuitry was used] to requisition a fallopian tube. [also this was in the mid 60s - long before women served aboard U.S. naval ships]

And when I served on a little wooden-hulled minesweeper, all metallic materials that were not part of the ship's magnetic "signature" had to be offloaded onto the pier before the ship could go on minesweeping exercises. So I told a young and low rank kid that he would have to make an appointment with the base dentist to have all his magnetic fillings removed and replaced with non-magnetic fillings before our next exercise.

He had begun the steps to get the appointment when we took mercy on him.

And there was "striped" paint, and "mail buoy" watches. And I'm sure others know of many more.

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