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I was referring to the question you posted near the end of your other post # 345039 ...
Should Auld Acquaintances be forgotten?

I thought you were going onto a new question again already..lol.
But I take it we are still on the Important things in life..question..right. At least until midnight, forum time..lol!

As for women, you mentioned chocolate...as for chocolate being an important thing in life...for me...yep, that is one things I live for...hehe!

lol..just some humor!

Chocolate can also be very fun..in many ways wink

Enlighten us, Carl.. as to what else, besides food is important to men :P

On the "auld acquaintances," I'm always ready to talk about people that I miss here - people like SpookyMark, Argyll, John, Kateyes, MrsJF (I think she changed her name), Coroffwife (is that her?), and others. But you know on any discussion board, there are always people who come and go - and not necessarily permanently. If I had my way, they would ALL check in at least once per day!

Besides food appetite and desire to be admired, hugged, and appreciated, the Rules are quite important to me:

The Rules

My response is only a little tongue-in-cheek humor, kind of like Marge saying that I like to dangle my toes in the water where the gators or pirahya (spelling?) are, but pull them back before they can get bit:

The Response

Marge is the love of my life.