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If you had a party and could invite any 5 people...living or dead, who would those people be and why?

1. My wife, Marge, who is full of life and love and fun. She loves music, sports, and is intelligent without being obnoxious. Everyone who meets her likes her.

2. Marge's son, Sean, who besides being fun, would always have my back. Although he is much taller than me (and bigger), he once cried on my chest. He is like my son.

3. Marge's son, Patrick, who is the beer connoisseur, tells some very funny Irish jokes about "Murphy," and along with Sean, if the party get slow we could play some Liar's Dice.

4. Marge's son, Paul, who could join with Sean and Patrick in singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

5. My daughter, who goes by the name, biff, who brags that she drank me under the table at a Bears of San Francisco beer bash.

Also, although it exceeds my limit of 5, I'd invite several friends I met on this board.

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Marge is the love of my life.