Ok,I got one. Not a real thought provoker or anything like that. Just a question...do you have a phobia?

be it serious or silly, share it with us smile

I do..dont laugh please....I have Coulrophobia (fear of clowns!)Both serious (to me) and silly...lol, probably to others

I think I feel this way about clowns because of what happened one day while when I was 10 at a school playground with my sister who was about 6 years old.
We were there playing on a saturday afternoon. As we were playing on the moneybars a naked man came walking toward us while doing something ...nasty..to himself. My little sister started laughing and pointing at him...she didnt know better. I yelled at her to COME ON! LETS GO! so we started running home fast as we could and he followed right after us until we got up the top of the stairs leading up to the sidewalk.
We lived one and a half blocks around the corner thank goodness! Who knows what he would have tried to do to us had he caught one of us on the stairs or our home wasnt as close by as it was.

Anyway the part that is clown related is that he was wearing a big red clown nose. That was all that he was wearing. Sicko! My mother called the police and we made a report. Never caught him. I think I started to be afraid of clowns from that day on.

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