My son had Boo for a few months an he was completely trained by the time he was given to us. From the start, he was MY little companion. He was sweet at times and extremely stubborn other times. He was a smart as can be, and always sensed when someone wasn't feeling well. He quickly won over my husband. The first thing hubby did when he came home from work was give Boo a kiss. Hubby had so much trouble leaving for work in the morning because Boo wouldn't get off of his shoulder.
We'd lay in bed early in the morning and wait for that first little chirp. Boo always let us know it was time to get out of the cage. Biggest problem, he hated going back to his cage.
We had 4 years of joy with him and I miss him more and more each day. He's buried in front of my house and we talk to him everyday. My neighbors must think i'm crazy as they watch me talk to the grass. LOL