I hope y'all don't mind me saying something about phobias. Yes, phobias are irrational, but many of them were caused by something initially and then reinforced so that a mere trigger brings the irrational fear.

Some say that you MUST conquer and overcome them by confronting them. Perhaps. To an extent, I have done this. Yet, it truly angers me that people insist that others deal with their fears. Don't they have enough on their own plates (that is faults in their own lifes that need to be addressed)?

If something must be confronted because it is a life or death, or because a loved one, or a little one, is in need of saving or protection, then do what must be done.

But if it is something that can be lived with - that is worked around, what does it hurt others? And to mock another, or worse to confont them with what triggers their fear - is torture that hopefully will bring them their own special karma.

Marge is the love of my life.