i know we are going WAY off topic here, but i could not pass this up.... wink

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After I got out of the Navy, I remained in San Diego (I had been on the Duluth, LPD-6).
PS - I WANTED someone to send me on a wild goose chase. I had a space for one of my ECM gear (the active ECM) that could only be entered from the portside catwalk along the flight deck. I figured I'd go there and sack out, and nobody would be able to find me right away. And I'd have the perfect excuse - I was ordered to do such and such.

i've heard of the Duluth... of course. lol.
and you are funny with your WANTING to go on a hunt. laugh i just left sometimes saying i was gunna go look for something or work in another space and ended up hangin' out with my FC buddies in their space. i would be there chattin' for an hour before remembering i had work to do. whistle

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I got active at Skyline Wesleyan Church (then in Lemon Grove, California), and after seminary, spent a year there as a Resident Intern Pastor.
Anyway, as I drove kids to various activities in San Diego and LA, I had talked about snipe hunts. And the kids learned real quick that it was a scam. Most people you can laugh, and then get serious and pretend that your laughter meant nothing, and get them at least half-believing again.
Not so these kids. They pretended to believe, but on a beach trip to Mission Beach, some of them (near time to go) wanted to go on a coeducational snipe hunt down the beach. I said, NO! Get in the bus. I wasn't born yesterday.

i know of all the places you are talkin about here. cool i use to live right across the street behind the sheriffs dept. right now i live next to lemon grove. how ironic. i am sure you are familiar with college ave and federal. off the 94 freeway?... but i live right on the other side of the freeway from lemon grove. i live in military housing that has only been here for about 12 yrs now. behind the College Grove shopping center, WalMart, Longs, and Mervyn's which is closed now??... you familiar?
wow, you drove a lot. must have been fun with all those kids. haha, for kids being kids at the beach...