New question for Sunday, Jan 4,, 2009

If you saw your good friends hubby or wife/girlfriend, boyfriend cheating on your good friend (something very obvious like sharing a passionate kiss or inappropriate touching or worse) would you let your friend know??

I for one would let the cheater know I saw them.
I would walk by and say...oh Hi, so and so, where is so and so..your WIFE/HUSBAND!? Tell him/her I said hello.
Then I would walk away.

I would let a day or two go by to see if he or she would then go to their wife/hubby first to admit to what they had been doing behind their mates back. If they are smart they would admit it to them before it comes from someone else. JMO

If they don't then I would have tell my friend what I saw. I would want to know if the situation was reversed. Even though it would hurt I think its best to find out sooner than later.

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