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Given a choice, I would deem reasonable health as important.

But if health is neither "good" nor too "reasonable," I think you can still have the love (and the other things I mentioned).

People who live in pain, or with major disorders or conditions or diseases certainly learn the value of life and love.

Of course, I just realized, even if the health is poor, or even of an unreasonable nature, it's still important to one (and to others as well), isn't it?

So pardon my critique, PDM, please.

When I started to answer the question, I thought about what might make life unbearable ~ that helped me to decide on the important things in life.

So, while the obvious answer is that the love, safety, health & happiness of my loved-ones ~ and indeed their very existence & company ~ is most important to me, there are some health problems that I hear of people enduring, which, I feel, would make life unbearable.

When I think of those who are completely paralysed, for example, and cannot even communicate, I feel that this would be unbearable. I know that depression can be unbearable, too.

Good health is a bonus; reasonable health can make the difference between a happy life and hell on earth. That's just my opinion, of course.

And I know that this may sound trivial, but I get really excited about my hobbies and interests and, if I ever lose that excitement, I start to feel depressed ~ real depression that is ~ so when you mentioned something about the mind's spiritual growth, or something to that effect, Carl, that really meant something to me, too.

"The secret of success is constancy to purpose" - Benjamin Disraeli.