oooohhhhh, i would invite.....

1- j.r.r. tolkien- he was/is the most phenominal and best author ever and an intelliget fellow who enjoyed good company and a good debate.
2- robert bateman- very down to earth and easy going. he is extremly soft spoken and yet is a huge voice in the fight to stop killing the earth. (we had a fantastic talk while he signed my books, would love to spend more time with him)
3- charles darwin- i would be fascinated to hear his theory right from his own mouth. what would it be like, i wonder, to be him as he is introduced to "modern" man? plus...i'm sure he and tolkien would get along spledidly!!!
4- jim henson- the ultimate creator of laughs! hehehe (animal and floyd would be hoot!!) unending imagination and positive thinking.
5- my little brother. he is chronicaly funny, not shy when he is relaxed, the one that can get everyone there in fits of helpless giggling, and keep it up. non judgemental and prone to crazy ideas. the party guy! (plus, he is pretty big... he can moonlight as bouncer! haha)

baby blue