Rouark smiled at Delia. "I know you are not sure whether you can trust me. I would never harm you. Somehow our destinies are entwined. I feel it. Don't you? Something is going on here that is not quite what it seems. Maia and Delia, this dragon, Oscar, has appeared to me at crucial times in my life. He has taken me to another place - another world? another dimension? - when I need to see what is going on in this world as it really is, rather than what it is magically made to appear."

"Delia doesn't know this dragon?" asked Maia.

"There's a kind of recognition, for Delia is of that world, but she was hatched here, and hasn't seen her real home, yet."

"What should we do?"

Roark said, "I think the four of us should go with Oscar to his realm. There we can get acquainted and clear up misunderstandings, and compare notes on our observations. In addition, Oscar - with Delia and we two in link - can help us see through the magical illusions that are going on in our world. Then perhaps we can plan what we should do."

"I'm fearful, and my mind doubts, but I must admit that my heart wants to believe what you say," answered Maia.

"I pledge to you that I will always work to keep you from harm, my lady. Come, call Delia to you, and take my hand. Oscar will take us to his world."

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