Delia, the little dragonlette woke.

Again the beautiful little creature spoke, though no sounds actually issued from her mouth.

~ "You have already learned much in a very short time, and you will easily learn how to take care of me ~ just as I shall take care of you, Princess Maia."

~ "Princess Maia?!? ~ I am a princess? ~ I just thought that I was just an ordinary girl, leading a very ordinary life ~ until today, that is." She, added, beginning to look confused and exhausted.

~ "Yes, Highness, you are a princess and you are special. You belong in our land, where everything and everyone was once always good, until the evil ones took over. Then your parents placed you in this world, for your own protection."

~ "But there is evil here too! I can sense the evil surrounding the woman in my drawings."

~ "Yes, there is both good and evil here. Kind people have protected you from harm and you, in turn, will protect good people from evil. You have a special mission and a special talent to help you to succeeed. Later, you must do your duty in our own land, and rid it of the evil ones, thus freeing your incarcerated parents

~ "But first I must save this mystery woman."

~ " Yes, and I will help. We shall examine the drawings together. Together we shall solve this mystery. The harpist and the woodsman will help us, too. Just believe in yourself."

These were startling words from such a tiny creature ~ but very uplifting.

With new-found confidence, Maia turned to smile at her magical friend, but Delia was no longer a tiny creature; she had already grown considerably.

Delia noted the look of surprise on Maia's face,
~ "I can make myself invisible, too" she added, and Maia was sure that she saw a smile in the dragon's hypnotic eyes.

"The secret of success is constancy to purpose" - Benjamin Disraeli.