remembered what she had just been told by "blue eyes". (as she now thought of him) she straightened and returned the gaze as strongly as she felt it. as he lumbered to a halt, breathing noisily, she realized she was mistaken. it was not evil in his eyes, but terror!
"please miss, please... can you help me? i am alone and dared to leave my home for a moment to look for help and here you are! the fates are kind, so you will certainly be able to aid me!"
"i can do no less than try sir, what kind of aid do you need?"
"the egg, miss, it hatched!"
she relaxed considerably. being born on a farm, she had dealt with chickens, turkeys and geese.
"that's a good thing then, that is what eggs are supposed to do." she smiled as he led the way.
he looked at her, grinning and said...
"i am most pleased! i have NO IDEA what to feed a newly hatched DRAGONLETT!"
the young brunette dropped her supplies as she came to an instant halt.
" A what?"...

baby blue