...snowing??? at this time of year? she looked around for the boy. the large flakes of snow drifted slowly down. with no wind, they spiraled lazily to the ground. maia shook her head as if she had just awakened.
what business did snow have here in junedar? the air was not terribly cold but the snowflakes on her skin gave her goose bumps. delia quietly pawed up beside her, looking with an amused expression at the falling snow.
"mistress, i can see you have much to learn still but i have to tell you that if you catch on to the rest as fast as you did to the plight of the shopkeeper, you will grow from magician apprentice to magician master with little time between." as an afterthought, she bumped maia's arm and said in a slightly muffled voice "here are the gloves you required"
a gentle strum of harpstrings floated on the air as the remaining flakes stopped falling and the temperature was near normal again with no sign of any unusual activity.
delia could sense maia's confusion and decided to give her a little hint, she was after all, very new at this.
"maia, can you think of any reason that it would have snowed now?
remember this... now that your magic is awakening, you will have to learn how to "think" again. when you asked for gloves in there, you also thought how inappropriate the item was. the thing is, your magic can sometimes affect your surroundings so a request like that can be made, yet go "unseen" by others. there are things you are going to have to do that will require you to, shall we say "manipulate" your surroundings or the people near you. i am sure that only a little practice will be needed before you have it just right."
somewhat stunned, maia replied " a dragon and now my own magic! if only my parents could see this!"
the memory of that terrible fire came back to her as clear as when it was happening...

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