Maia awoke early, feeling refreshed and happy, until she realised ..

"Oh, no! I fell asleep! Mum and Dad will be beside themselves with worry!" She roused Delia and started to run home as fast as she could, but was suddenly hit by another thought: What if they had called the police!? What could she tell them all?!

Muddled thoughts raced through her head as she raced through the quiet streets.

She arrived home breathless and anxious. When she knocked on the door she discovered that her parents were awake and waiting for her. She could see that concern was etched on their faces ~ but they were not as fearful as she had expected them to be.

An invisible Delia watched the unfolding events.

"We have been expecting this ~ ever since your 18th birthday" said Maia's father gently, as her mother hugged her tight.

"We know that you must ..."

"The secret of success is constancy to purpose" - Benjamin Disraeli.