"I am going to visit the kingdom where I was born. I shall have Delia with me" ~ she patted the dragon at her side ~ "so you will not need to worry about me. I know that I shall always be safe with her. I just need to go back to the place where I was born. Maybe I shall find answers there."

"Before you go," said her father, "there is something you must know. It concerns a lady, who can be found in a strange old shop, not too far away."

Maia showed them the drawing that she had made, of the shop she had visited.

"You have seen this shop?" asked her mother.

"Yes. It was a strange place. My magic went out of control there. I wanted to help the woman, but she seemed to reject my offers. I don't know. It was all so strange."

"That woman is related to you, somehow. She escaped the magic kingdom when you did," said her father.
"Other than that, we know nothing about her," added her mother.

Her foster parents told her how much they would like to help her, but they couldn't. Everything concerning Maia, the shop-lady, Rouark and Maia's royal family belonged to a different realm ~ a realm of magic and of mystery.

Maia kissed them both, before setting off once more. She allowed Delia to lead her to a kingdom that she had not seen since she was a babe-in-arms.

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