Maia was completely bewildered. She had sensed that this woman was in danger, and had intended to help her, yet here she was, apparently plotting against her.
Or was there more to this?

And who was this king? ~ She was sure that she would have recognised her own father, so this must be the usurper, who had either exiled, or imprisoned, her biological parents.

And Rouark! He was under a spell! That explained a lot.
She needed to be wary of him, but she also needed to help him.
She sensed that only together could they break the power of the false king and queen.

"The spell which binds him and the kingdom is in danger. They must be kept apart."
Hhmmm ...
Maia guessed that the more time she spent with Rouark, the less powerful their control over him would prove to be.

Now she knew what to do.
She must get close to the prince, but without him seeing her.
She was right to want to go to the magic kingdom ~ but she must remain invisible

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