Maia and Delia crested a small rise in the road, and suddenly in front of them a pair of granite spires began to appear. As they moved forward down the gravel path, the rest of the castle slowly came into view.

It had been a beautiful building once - two stories, graceful lines, a crenulated line along the roof. In the center of the building was an arched circle over a pair of richly carved double oak doors.

But as they slowly moved closer to the structure, details began to become more clear. The iron knockers were askew, barely attached to the wood. Weeds surrounded the base of the building. One of the large windows on the ground floor had a long, dagger-shaped crack across its lower edge.

Maia and Delia glanced at each other nervously, then, taking in a deep breath, moved forward towards the door.

Lisa Shea, Owner