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[well, now that's a new twist. ... And I guess we're gonna save the dragon for a real emergency.]
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[What's a drunkin style?]

I think it is meant to say "drunken" perhaps, as the warrior encompassed her being it was awkward at first? smile

Sorry off topic let's continue....

The man fled out the door, as did the spirit from Maia, she was understandably shaken, confused and she looked at her drawings strewn about her.

This man was a robber but not the real threat, her drawing clearly showed the event outside the store. The entire drawing was so exact, this detail could not be the one mistake.

Delia spoke, "Princess it seems as though you have become a vessel for magic, you must focus your mind"

Focus indeed, she realized as she just noticed the woman in the shop , passed out on the floor so