"It's near the marsh end river, isn't it? she asked."

"Yes", said the boy, "so you know it, too?"

"Not really", answered Maia. "Could you take me there, please? ~ I think that this could be a matter of life and death!"

The princess, the boy and the dragon set off for the old clothes shop. It must be important in her quest, thought Maia, but she could not imagine how, or why, it should be related to any dangerous or evil activity.

It took quite a while to walk to the building in question. When they arrived, Maia surveyed the shop frontage and compared it to her drawing. They were identical. Maia shivered in amazement.

From the outside of the shop, nothing looked amiss, but as Maia pushed open the front door, and the bell rang, she was enveloped by the most terrible feeling. She was glad to have Delia with her, but feared for the boy.

"Run!" she shouted to him. "Run to Prince Rouark!"

She hoped that he could escape in time; she hoped that he would bring help. Though the shop was empty, and nothing had happened to cause her harm, she knew that she was in great danger.

Suddenly ....

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