jr, as she had come to think of him,( why, she had no clue) was still sleeping soundly. when she picked up the tools of her trade, her hand hovered only a moment before touching paper. as her pencil contacted the paper, it seemed to gain a mind of it's own. she watched the picture emerge from the once pristine whiteness. the dragon's scales seemed to glisten, such detail there was. from it's mouth came a blast of flames, but in those whorls, there hid another picture. a man and a woman materialized in front of a building that had seen better days. her face was filled with terror as he pointed 9mm glock at her, his wristwatch dial facing the observer. the sign above them was mostly obscured but she could see the first 3 letters. suddenly, a horrid thought struck her, this woman was going to die! if she could gather enough information from the drawing... perhaps she could help! the sound of gently plucked harp strings washed over her. this is what blue meant!! perhaps her destiny was just revealed!!!

baby blue