"luke... i am your father!!" hahahaha! sorry, it just slipped out!

"... something much like this, is one of the magics you MUST learn to protect yourself from."
maia shook her head, dazed. that was not a man's voice. startled, she sat up, regaining her bearings. delia was sitting there, looking at her intently. in her slit pupiled eyes, spiraled wonderous colors that maia had never known existed. as she watched, the movement slowed, then stopped. the young dragons eyes were once again the startling emerald green they usually were.
"what happened?"
"i used what would be comparable to a spell of compulsion cast by a human mage. a dragon's magic works differently than a human's but i tried to simulate it as closely as possible"
the dragon was growing incredibly fast. at first meting, she was the size of a large jack rabbit. now, not even a full day later delia had increased in bulk and now sat as tall as a human child of about 5 years of age and stretched from nose to tail tip was nearly 5 feet long. the small, once crumpled wings had straightened the way a newly born butterfly's wings do, drying in the sunlight. they looked incredibly delicate, an opalescent sheen with fragile blue veins like lace, woven to each wingtip.
"delia, are you hungry? you haven't eaten except what you took after hatching. i've never cared for a dragon before, you must show me what you need and explain why you need it. you are the only one who knows what a dragon needs."...

baby blue