As Delia had advised her earlier, she really must focus.

She needed to think over the events of the day ~ had it really been only one day?!

She had believed herself to be the ordinary daughter of ordinary parents and, apparently, she had been wrong on both counts.

She was the magical daughter, of royal parents, from a parallel world and she had been placed with foster parents, from Earth, for her own safety. Her 'Mum and Dad' must have been trusted completely by her real family. She knew them to be good people, who loved her dearly and sincerely. She began to feel guilty for finding life with them a little boring. They were simply trying to keep her safe and hidden.

Something special, exciting and a little scary was now happening and she had guessed that it was connected to becoming eighteen. What had the old harpist said? ~ 'The time is right only now' and 'you are destined to touch the lives of others, and be touched by their lives. Each time this happens, you will hear faintly the melody of this harp.'

She had heard the harp just now, but it seemed to be issuing a warning to her.

She agreed with Rouark that she might well be in danger, but she also knew that it was her responsibility to save the lady who had sold her the gloves. Furthermore, if she went into hiding with the prince, her 'parents' would have no idea where she was and she could not bear to worry them. They must know a lot of secrets about her and they deserved to be told what was happening to her right now.

It was true ~ 'deep down, she knew exactly what she should do' ~ she must go to the couple, whom she had always known as her parents.

Rouark, with his blue eyes and blond hair was handsome and charming, but he was still a stranger to her and he had admitted that he did not understand her magic.

She was not yet sure whether she could trust him or not. She hoped that he would prove to be a good man, but, for now, she must refuse his offer of help, and go 'home'.

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