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Let's Write A Story

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Let's Write A Story - 09/14/09 12:47 AM

Maybe we have done this before ~ not sure. smile
I wanted to write something ~ then suddenly thought of this little exercise.
It's a bit like the game of 'consequences'.
We each, in turn, write a few words ~ a few lines or a paragraph ~ which continues, logically, from the post before, in order to arrive at a complete story.

Or is it?! smile

I'll start:
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/14/09 12:48 AM

Once upon a time there was a young lady, who was bored and upset, because she thought that her life was far too 'ordinary'.

One day she decided to rectify this, so she immediately ....
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/14/09 01:06 AM

...grabbed her sketch book and pencils and set off to her favorite spot by the lake. A little time for reflection might suggest a new direction.

As she arrived...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/14/09 02:24 AM

she heard a familiar noise. when she looked in the direction she thought it came from, she noticed a well camouflaged entrance to a small trail. " i can't believe i've never noticed this before!" she muttered to herself. she gripped her supplies as she pushed the delicate ferns and lacy vegetation aside. the aroma of the forest...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/14/09 02:29 AM

hit her by surprise. She walked for what must have been hours but felt like moments. Suddenly, as she came to a clearing deep in the forest, she couldn't believe her eyes! There in front of her was the most beautiful......
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/14/09 02:51 AM

story book cabin surrounded by lush flowers and dappled shade. The cabin had a large inviting porch and a comfy looking chair. She softly walked up to the door. It was intricately carved with strange designs and patterns. She placed her hand on the latch and....
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/14/09 04:21 AM

heard from within beautiful chords from a harp. The door gently opened and she felt as if she were looking into a magical place. Seated behind the harp and before the fire was...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/14/09 05:05 AM

. . .a man, stooped and crooked with age. His long, powdery white beard danced as the gentle forest breeze blew in from the open door. He wore a dark green robe covered with similar designs found on the door and a brown, leather belt encircled his frail waist, adorned with pouches and bags of mysterious content. His feet, bare, kept tempo with his entrancing melody. He looked up at his visitor as his knurled fingers continued to softly flutter with surprisingly youthful grace. As their eyes met. . .
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/14/09 10:19 AM

.. she recognised them.

She has seen those beautiful blue eyes before.
They seemed to pierce her very soul.
Yet she knew that she had never met this ancient being before in her entire life.

What did this mean?
Who was this man ~ at once so strange and yet so familiar?

She ....
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/14/09 12:08 PM

......gasp for breath as she tried to regain her poise and speak to the man. Not wanting to interrupt his beautiful music, she waited until he stopped playing before introducing her self. The old man just stared at her for a while until finally uttering......
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/14/09 12:51 PM

I've been waiting for you, the time is right only now. It is the time for you to know your life is not "ordinary" and I am here to show you...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/14/09 05:37 PM

the true purpose of your being. You are not an everyday girl. You are special. When you were born, it was important you be hidden from the evil in the world. The only way we could do that was to hide you among the evil.

You see my dear, you are destined to.......
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/15/09 02:00 AM

touch the lives of others, and be touched by their lives. Each time this happens, you'll hear faintly the melody of this harp.

With these words echoing in her heart, she was suddenly beside the water again, and wondering at what it all could mean.

Then, as she heard steps coming toward her, she heard the faint sounds of the harp.

Looking up, she saw...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/15/09 02:13 AM

.. a huge man, ambling towards her. He was staring straight at her, with eyes that embodied pure evil. As he leered, she felt suddenly weak with overwhelming terror. She knew that she should try to run, but ...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/15/09 03:20 AM

remembered what she had just been told by "blue eyes". (as she now thought of him) she straightened and returned the gaze as strongly as she felt it. as he lumbered to a halt, breathing noisily, she realized she was mistaken. it was not evil in his eyes, but terror!
"please miss, please... can you help me? i am alone and dared to leave my home for a moment to look for help and here you are! the fates are kind, so you will certainly be able to aid me!"
"i can do no less than try sir, what kind of aid do you need?"
"the egg, miss, it hatched!"
she relaxed considerably. being born on a farm, she had dealt with chickens, turkeys and geese.
"that's a good thing then, that is what eggs are supposed to do." she smiled as he led the way.
he looked at her, grinning and said...
"i am most pleased! i have NO IDEA what to feed a newly hatched DRAGONLETT!"
the young brunette dropped her supplies as she came to an instant halt.
" A what?"...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/15/09 02:01 PM

"Have I stepped into an alternate reality?" she wondered.

"What do I know about dragonlettes, she thought?" Immediately she thought about Anne McCaffrey's dragons and fire lizards.

Addressing the man, she suggested, "Let's go there. We'll need small chunks of meat, bowls, and various people to sit around the hatchling."

And so...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/18/09 11:42 PM

... they set off together, her almost running to keep up with her companion's long loping legs.

Suddenly she remembered her drawing equipment and had a brilliant idea.

She ...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/19/09 12:42 AM

Killed herself.

The end.
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/19/09 12:55 AM

Suddenly she awoke with a start, the blue eyed companion beside her. She shook her head at such a dream!! She heard the harp music and knew she would never do such a terrible thing as to take her life. Why did she have this dream and what did it have to do with Mr. Blue eyes and the dragonlette.

Then she remembered her drawing equipment and her brilliant idea!

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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/19/09 01:19 AM

jr, as she had come to think of him,( why, she had no clue) was still sleeping soundly. when she picked up the tools of her trade, her hand hovered only a moment before touching paper. as her pencil contacted the paper, it seemed to gain a mind of it's own. she watched the picture emerge from the once pristine whiteness. the dragon's scales seemed to glisten, such detail there was. from it's mouth came a blast of flames, but in those whorls, there hid another picture. a man and a woman materialized in front of a building that had seen better days. her face was filled with terror as he pointed 9mm glock at her, his wristwatch dial facing the observer. the sign above them was mostly obscured but she could see the first 3 letters. suddenly, a horrid thought struck her, this woman was going to die! if she could gather enough information from the drawing... perhaps she could help! the sound of gently plucked harp strings washed over her. this is what blue meant!! perhaps her destiny was just revealed!!!
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/19/09 02:43 AM

So, it starts with the dragonlette, she thought.

Taking her drawing and equipment, she ran back to see the hatchling.

And despite people all around, all she could see was...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/19/09 02:53 AM

... a vision of herself, the baby dragon and the unknown woman she knew to be in danger.

This young lady had never believed in magic; had never believed in anything but her own ordinariness ~ but now she was aware that something very real, very special and very, very unusual was happening ~ and that she was at the centre of it.

It concerned the strange man in the woods, the harpist, the baby dragon ~ and herself.

Between them, she knew now, they had to save a woman's life.

This was to be the first of her special tasks ~ to fight against evil.

She was just a girl ~ not a superwoman, but she had new special friends ~ and she had a special talent. She could draw.

Was this going to help her?
Was this her equivalent of 'a superpower'?

How was she going to find the strange woman, and could she save her from the evil which threatened her?

She had to do something and suddenly she knew exactly what it would be; she picked up her pad and pencils and she ....
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/19/09 03:49 AM

Started to draw. She drew picture after picture of buildings and streets. They were very unfamiliar to her and yet she knew in time, they would paint a picture. As she finished each, she heard the harp music.

Where was the blue eyed man? Would he know what mystery hid in her pictures? She must find him......
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/19/09 07:24 PM

But what was this? The little dragon was wobbling toward her. making a distressed sound and eyes whirring.

Someone handed her a bowl of meat chunks. "Feed her!" they cried. She wouldn't approach anyone else.

As she looked into the beautiful multicolored eyes of the little dragon, she heard in her head, "My name is Delia. Will you be my friend?"

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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/19/09 08:03 PM

the sparkling saphire hues of the young dragon seemed to twist and swirl within themselves hypnotically. while the little one carefully chose each mouthful, she spread her drawings about her. tucking the stray strands of her ebony hair behind her ears, she began to study her pictures. they were not ordinary pictures, and because she had drawn them without conscious decisions of the subjects, she carefully studied each one hoping for clues. the three letters on the sign in the first picture were E D G, the rest the next, the building that was quite visible, was a small clothing shop,on a street that ran parallel to a small river. the street sign was facing away from view, but knowing the "marsh end river" was across town from her normal travels, it was the first solid thing that she could use to start her quest of finding the woman. she took out her pencil and started making a list of the questions that were filling her brain... what does the sign say? where could the shop be located?
and many others.she had been concentrating so hard, she hadn't noticed delia had finished eating and was now sleeping next to her, looking like a living, breathing jewel. "how do i take care of you little one?" she quietly asked the creature that had come to her for...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/19/09 10:48 PM

Delia, the little dragonlette woke.

Again the beautiful little creature spoke, though no sounds actually issued from her mouth.

~ "You have already learned much in a very short time, and you will easily learn how to take care of me ~ just as I shall take care of you, Princess Maia."

~ "Princess Maia?!? ~ I am a princess? ~ I just thought that I was just an ordinary girl, leading a very ordinary life ~ until today, that is." She, added, beginning to look confused and exhausted.

~ "Yes, Highness, you are a princess and you are special. You belong in our land, where everything and everyone was once always good, until the evil ones took over. Then your parents placed you in this world, for your own protection."

~ "But there is evil here too! I can sense the evil surrounding the woman in my drawings."

~ "Yes, there is both good and evil here. Kind people have protected you from harm and you, in turn, will protect good people from evil. You have a special mission and a special talent to help you to succeeed. Later, you must do your duty in our own land, and rid it of the evil ones, thus freeing your incarcerated parents

~ "But first I must save this mystery woman."

~ " Yes, and I will help. We shall examine the drawings together. Together we shall solve this mystery. The harpist and the woodsman will help us, too. Just believe in yourself."

These were startling words from such a tiny creature ~ but very uplifting.

With new-found confidence, Maia turned to smile at her magical friend, but Delia was no longer a tiny creature; she had already grown considerably.

Delia noted the look of surprise on Maia's face,
~ "I can make myself invisible, too" she added, and Maia was sure that she saw a smile in the dragon's hypnotic eyes.
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/19/09 11:20 PM

And indeed Delia did smile - inside and out, because she knew that in the world Princess Maia was just beginning to discover, there is magic. And magic is not really complete without a special companion - someone to walk beside her. Not an ordinary companion, of course.

A small tow-headed boy was watching Delia and smiling. As he looked up and smiled at Maia, he noticed the drawing of the shop. "I know that shop, Princess!" he exclaimed. "My guardian, Prince Rouark goes there often."
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/20/09 02:51 AM

"It's near the marsh end river, isn't it? she asked."

"Yes", said the boy, "so you know it, too?"

"Not really", answered Maia. "Could you take me there, please? ~ I think that this could be a matter of life and death!"

The princess, the boy and the dragon set off for the old clothes shop. It must be important in her quest, thought Maia, but she could not imagine how, or why, it should be related to any dangerous or evil activity.

It took quite a while to walk to the building in question. When they arrived, Maia surveyed the shop frontage and compared it to her drawing. They were identical. Maia shivered in amazement.

From the outside of the shop, nothing looked amiss, but as Maia pushed open the front door, and the bell rang, she was enveloped by the most terrible feeling. She was glad to have Delia with her, but feared for the boy.

"Run!" she shouted to him. "Run to Prince Rouark!"

She hoped that he could escape in time; she hoped that he would bring help. Though the shop was empty, and nothing had happened to cause her harm, she knew that she was in great danger.

Suddenly ....
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/20/09 03:22 AM

the worn, wooden floored creaked, and the woman from her drawing appeared from the back room. "May I help you?" she asked seeing Maia, in a very ordinary voice, still looking at her in a very ordinary way. Delia reminded Maia," She can neither see nor hear me."

Maia felt frozen in time and the room itself became oddly cold, she thought" this is the mystery woman, she is in danger, and she has no idea? was I mistaken? " However the hairs raised on the back of her neck and the goosebumps on her arms, said otherwise, the feeling of danger was thick in the air.

"Miss, can I help you?" repeated the mystery woman, jolting Maia from her thoughts, she then...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/20/09 09:20 PM

... noticed Maia's drawing of the shop.

"Oh you are an artist, Miss ~ are you hoping to sell us this work? - It's very good ~ very detailed." The woman enthused. "Have you been watching us?" she added, nervously.

"No" Maia responded quickly.

"Then how could you have done this drawing? It is so perfect it could almost be a photograph. Is it copied from a photograph?"

"No" Maia repeated, not knowing how to explain.

She needed to change the subject.

"I'm looking for a gift for someone. Could you show me some gloves, please?" She sounded ridiculous, she knew. Gloves? In this weather? It was the height of summer.

Then a sudden sound startled her.
It was the sound of .....

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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/20/09 11:05 PM

*** Not part of the story****

I just wanted to say I have loved reading this. Great job!
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/21/09 12:19 AM

Me too! Keep it goin guys. I'm dying to find out where it's all leading!
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/21/09 10:41 PM

It was the sound of a key turning in a lock.

She looked around.
A man had locked the shop door and was pulling down the blinds.

She could no longer see the outside world ~ and no-one could see in.
She had never felt so alone.
She was gripped with fear.

The woman behind the counter looked as terrified as she felt.
She had not helped this woman; she had only endangered herself.

Then she heard a welcome voice; a voice she recognised:
"I am still here, Highness. Even if you cannot see me, do not worry, for I shall not leave you. And remember, no-one from this world can see or hear me."

Of course, it was Delia.

Maia relaxed a little and tried to think as calmly as she possibly could, bearing in mind that the man with the key also had a gun ~ and it was aimed straight at her!
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/21/09 11:38 PM

Suddenly the soul of a shaolin warrior encompassed her whole being. With a ruthless determination she proceeded to rip her book in half with a killer rage screaming, "WHATS UP WIT THAT!??!". Clinching her fists she warms up with a few moves which eventually lead to a drunken-style demonstration. "Woah this magic really IS real. The man with the key wasn't having it. "Perhaps she has gone insane" he reasoned. With no regrets he squeezed the trigger and fired 4 rounds. Using her drunkin, style the girl starts to backflip for every round fired and catches each bullet with her teeth. She spits them out and looks back at the man with the key and says "I have so many styles, forgive me."
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/22/09 03:41 AM

[well, now that's a new twist. And here I thought it was about time for the Prince to show up. But I always knew that women are superior beings. Why wait for the Prince? Clean up the mess herself, and then meet the Prince without being in need of rescue. And I guess we're gonna save the dragon for a real emergency.]
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/22/09 09:03 AM

[What's a drunkin style?]
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/22/09 01:57 PM

Originally Posted By: Carl
[well, now that's a new twist. ... And I guess we're gonna save the dragon for a real emergency.]
Originally Posted By: PDM
[What's a drunkin style?]

I think it is meant to say "drunken" perhaps, as the warrior encompassed her being it was awkward at first? smile

Sorry off topic let's continue....

The man fled out the door, as did the spirit from Maia, she was understandably shaken, confused and she looked at her drawings strewn about her.

This man was a robber but not the real threat, her drawing clearly showed the event outside the store. The entire drawing was so exact, this detail could not be the one mistake.

Delia spoke, "Princess it seems as though you have become a vessel for magic, you must focus your mind"

Focus indeed, she realized as she just noticed the woman in the shop , passed out on the floor so
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/22/09 04:40 PM

she quickly scurried over to help the older lady up from the cold, dirty floor.
"My dear, oh thank you, oh thank you!!"
The princess had replied in a "your very welcome" tone.
"It seems as though the coldness is quickly falling here", the princess asked.
"Perhaps so", said the woman.

The princess thanked the older woman for quickly chatting with her, but princess left down the street with her green and white cape around her neck, while it started snowing....
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/22/09 06:15 PM

...snowing??? at this time of year? she looked around for the boy. the large flakes of snow drifted slowly down. with no wind, they spiraled lazily to the ground. maia shook her head as if she had just awakened.
what business did snow have here in junedar? the air was not terribly cold but the snowflakes on her skin gave her goose bumps. delia quietly pawed up beside her, looking with an amused expression at the falling snow.
"mistress, i can see you have much to learn still but i have to tell you that if you catch on to the rest as fast as you did to the plight of the shopkeeper, you will grow from magician apprentice to magician master with little time between." as an afterthought, she bumped maia's arm and said in a slightly muffled voice "here are the gloves you required"
a gentle strum of harpstrings floated on the air as the remaining flakes stopped falling and the temperature was near normal again with no sign of any unusual activity.
delia could sense maia's confusion and decided to give her a little hint, she was after all, very new at this.
"maia, can you think of any reason that it would have snowed now?
remember this... now that your magic is awakening, you will have to learn how to "think" again. when you asked for gloves in there, you also thought how inappropriate the item was. the thing is, your magic can sometimes affect your surroundings so a request like that can be made, yet go "unseen" by others. there are things you are going to have to do that will require you to, shall we say "manipulate" your surroundings or the people near you. i am sure that only a little practice will be needed before you have it just right."
somewhat stunned, maia replied " a dragon and now my own magic! if only my parents could see this!"
the memory of that terrible fire came back to her as clear as when it was happening...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/22/09 09:53 PM

... and Maia was comforted to know that her little dragon friend was still with her.

She had been so unhappy with her boring, unadventurous life, and now she was surrounded by new, amazing friends ~ and she had magical powers! It was almost too much to believe.

As Delia had said, she must learn to be careful.

If she could change the weather with her thoughts, and take on the soul of a Shaolin warrior when in danger, then she must be very powerful ~ and she knew that she must treat her powers with responsibility and respect.

Her powers were new, thouugh. Never before had anything like this happened. It must have been connected to her recent birthday, when she became 18.

If she had had powers before, then surely, even as a baby, she could have rejected the evil ones. She could have prevented that fire, which had destroyed her home ~ and almost destroyed the kingdom. She could have kept her parents from their clutches.

She was beginning to feel calm now. The snow had melted and the sun was shining again.

She must focus ~ focus on the woman in the shop, and the potential dangers that she might encounter. She would have to go back, she was sure of that, but not yet ..

What should she do?
She suddenly knew; she must draw, and let her subconscious mind guide her. But her paper was ripped and her pencils broken!

"Is this what you are looking for?
It was Delia, holding her pad, her pencils and her drawings. All were in perfect condition.

"Let's sit down here", she suggested.

Maia smiled.
They sat down on a little knoll and ...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/23/09 02:05 AM

suddenly she felt rather langurous. She sort of nodded off. At least she assumed so, because as if in a dream, she saw a beautiful man. Not beautiful in a "pretty" sense, but a presence that drew one's attention. He knelt beside her, took her hand so gently, and kissed her!

He kissed as if he had all the time in the world, and he focused that time only on her.

And then he drew back and said...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/23/09 03:37 AM

"luke... i am your father!!" hahahaha! sorry, it just slipped out!

"... something much like this, is one of the magics you MUST learn to protect yourself from."
maia shook her head, dazed. that was not a man's voice. startled, she sat up, regaining her bearings. delia was sitting there, looking at her intently. in her slit pupiled eyes, spiraled wonderous colors that maia had never known existed. as she watched, the movement slowed, then stopped. the young dragons eyes were once again the startling emerald green they usually were.
"what happened?"
"i used what would be comparable to a spell of compulsion cast by a human mage. a dragon's magic works differently than a human's but i tried to simulate it as closely as possible"
the dragon was growing incredibly fast. at first meting, she was the size of a large jack rabbit. now, not even a full day later delia had increased in bulk and now sat as tall as a human child of about 5 years of age and stretched from nose to tail tip was nearly 5 feet long. the small, once crumpled wings had straightened the way a newly born butterfly's wings do, drying in the sunlight. they looked incredibly delicate, an opalescent sheen with fragile blue veins like lace, woven to each wingtip.
"delia, are you hungry? you haven't eaten except what you took after hatching. i've never cared for a dragon before, you must show me what you need and explain why you need it. you are the only one who knows what a dragon needs."...
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/23/09 08:23 AM

"My Lady, you know much more than you realise, but yes, we should fortify ourselves. You have not eaten, either. In our own land, I would eat the magical fruit. Here, I shall have make do with avocados," she answered with a chuckle, "~ or dragon fruit" she added mischievously.

As Maia wondered how a new-born dragon could know so much, there was a sound of running footsteps coming towards them.

What now?

With great anticipation, Maia watched the greenery around her, until a tow-haired boy emerged.

"Oh! It's you! I'm so glad that you are safe."

She didn't even know his name, but, before she could even ask, someone else emerged from the woodland.

This person she did not know, yet she half-recognised him, and, ironically, she did know his name.

She stood, curtsied, and said: "Prince Rouark, I presume?"
He was tall and handsome.

"Indeed, my lady."

As he gently took her hand, to kiss it, she had a feeling of deja vu.

"Have we met?" she asked, shyly?
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/24/09 02:45 PM

"I've dreamed of you," he said. "And I think we've been together in former lives. But rest assured that I would never presume to treat you with less than respect. I expect to fully enjoy courting you, my Princess! But for now, I would like to invite you and your entourage - especially this noble dragon who befriends you - to join me for a council to discuss the quest in whichwe find ourselves."

"You can see Delia?" inquired Maia.

"Only because she allows it. I am honored, my worthy friend!" Rouark addressed this last to Delia.

"I've brought a picnic basket with a few things. Even something for you, Delia! Let's sit and eat and talk."

As Rouark had been talking, impressions and thoughts had been flitting through Maia's mind and mood - ...

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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/24/09 08:08 PM

She felt overcome with shyness. This handsome prince had promised to 'court' her. He had said that he had dreamed of her.

But perhaps this was a dream. What other explanation could there be for everything that had occurred?

She was an ordinary girl, who lived an ordinary life, and liked to draw. That was all. She was either dreamimg or hallucinating.

Handsome fairytale princes did not really woo 18-year old strangers. Magically coloured dragons did not really grow to adulthood in a few hours, with the sole purpose of becoming her personal protector.

What was she saying???!!!
Dragons and fairytale princes did not exist. She must be ill; she had felt very hot and very cold today ~ and the Shaolin warrior business had been really odd! She must be feverish and, in truth, all of this must be completely unreal.

She had to wake up!
She must force herself to wake up!!
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/25/09 12:14 AM

her yelp of pain startled rouark, who went into instant "protection" mode.
maia let go a small chuckle and said " it was nothing... just a bug bite." he relaxed once more as she rubbed the spot on her arm where she had pinched herself. looking at him sitting across from her, the hot and cold flashes did another pass through her.
they ate quickly, and were packing up when maia stood up, catching rouarke solidly on the chin. for a moment, both were too stunned to speak, and when they did, it was at the same time.
"i am soo sorry, i wasn't paying attention and..."
she was quickly cut off.
"maia.. may i be so presumptuous as to call you by your first name?"
rubbing the top of her head, she nodded.
his rich laughter triggered a shiver that ran up her spine and back down to the bottom of her stomach. she thought, "if my head hurts this much... he should be out cold on the ground!"
he casually ran his fingers through his hair, but the unruly white lock over his forehead refused his efforts to make it stay put.
reaching out he toughed the top of her head gently. "are you all right maia?"
she nodded mutely, unable to make her voice work.
"aren't you two ready to go yet?" delia quipped, her head cocked to the side, eyes swirling knowingly.
maia thought "if a dragon can grin... that's exactly what it looks like."
sheepishly, she answered her winged friend with a breathy "yes."
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/25/09 10:46 PM

So it wasn't a dream.
It was real.
The beautiful prince.
The magic pictures.
The strange boy.

All of it.

The magic ~ her magic ~ very real.

It was incredible!
It was so exciting!
The prince was so ... charming!

But if all of this was real, then the danger at the shop was real, too ~ and it was her responsibility to save the life of the woman she had met there!

She remembered what the boy ~ 'Hal' she now knew his name to be ~ had told her:

'"I know that shop, Princess! My guardian, Prince Rouark goes there often."'

"Your Highness" whispered Maia to the smiling Prince, "may I ask you something?

"You may ~ and you may also call me Rouark. Let us not stand on ceremony, if we are to be friends."

"Your ward, over there ..." (The boy was now playing hide-and-seek with Delia.) " ... He told me that you often visit this shop. Is that true?". She was holding up her drawing, for him to examine.

"I do, indeed, though young Hal doesn't know why. He thinks that I go there simply to purchase interesting items ~ and they do sell some very interesting things, I can assure you. But that is not why I return so regularly."

Then he began to look confused and worried.
"Maia, we come from the same magical world, but I do not have the same powers as you, and I do not understand the relevance of your drawings. I am guessing, now, that you did not draw this shop on a whim?"

"No, I drew the pictures before ever I saw the shop, and I have no idea whence the images came.
All I do know, is that the woman I met in that shop, is in great danger."

"Danger from what, exactly?"

"I know not, my Lord".

"I think, if what you are saying is true, then you, too, must be in danger. I shall deal with the woman. You must come with me, for protection. I will hide you."

Maia had learned never to go off with strangers. Rouark was a stranger, but then, so were Delia, Hal, the harpist and the woodsman.

What should she do?

As she pondered, she heard the distant faint sounds of a harp. A voice in her head seemed to be singing quietly to the music ~ telling her that, deep down, she knew exactly what she should do, and exactly whom she should trust.

But did she?
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/26/09 07:57 PM

*don't stop now guys! Continue, continue! smile
Posted By: PDM

Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/26/09 10:56 PM

As Delia had advised her earlier, she really must focus.

She needed to think over the events of the day ~ had it really been only one day?!

She had believed herself to be the ordinary daughter of ordinary parents and, apparently, she had been wrong on both counts.

She was the magical daughter, of royal parents, from a parallel world and she had been placed with foster parents, from Earth, for her own safety. Her 'Mum and Dad' must have been trusted completely by her real family. She knew them to be good people, who loved her dearly and sincerely. She began to feel guilty for finding life with them a little boring. They were simply trying to keep her safe and hidden.

Something special, exciting and a little scary was now happening and she had guessed that it was connected to becoming eighteen. What had the old harpist said? ~ 'The time is right only now' and 'you are destined to touch the lives of others, and be touched by their lives. Each time this happens, you will hear faintly the melody of this harp.'

She had heard the harp just now, but it seemed to be issuing a warning to her.

She agreed with Rouark that she might well be in danger, but she also knew that it was her responsibility to save the lady who had sold her the gloves. Furthermore, if she went into hiding with the prince, her 'parents' would have no idea where she was and she could not bear to worry them. They must know a lot of secrets about her and they deserved to be told what was happening to her right now.

It was true ~ 'deep down, she knew exactly what she should do' ~ she must go to the couple, whom she had always known as her parents.

Rouark, with his blue eyes and blond hair was handsome and charming, but he was still a stranger to her and he had admitted that he did not understand her magic.

She was not yet sure whether she could trust him or not. She hoped that he would prove to be a good man, but, for now, she must refuse his offer of help, and go 'home'.

Posted By: Carl

Re: Let's Write A Story - 09/27/09 09:46 PM

[Y'all ARE doing a great job on the story! Marge & I are staying quite busy on vacation]
Posted By: PDM

Re: Let's Write A Story - 10/01/09 12:36 AM

"Rouark, thank you for your offer, but I must go home. I need to see my parents ~ my foster-parents, that is".
She smiled awkwardly as she acknowledged the change in her relationship with her 'parents'.

Rouark offered to accompany her.

"No, thank you, I shall be all right. It is not far."

She noted that Rouark looked dejected. She had rejected his friendly offers ~ she had rejected him ~ but she needed to get back onto home territory ~ and focus, as Delia had advised.

And what about Delia? What could she she do about her?
She felt sure that a dragon walking into her home might cause some disruption in the district.

The young dragon seemed to read her thoughts.

"Remember my invisibility, Maia. I shall come with you and protect you ~ and no-one will suspect anything."

Maia felt relieved. She was not ready to accept Rouark's help ~ not yet, anyway ~ but she was glad to have the companionship of a magic dragon on her travels.

"Rouark, I shall go home and think; I shall converse with my parents ~ and I shall see you again soon. I am truly grateful to you for your offer of help." She smiled at him; and he gave a half-smile back.

They said their farewells, and Maia watched as the prince walked off into the distance with his young charge.

Then she turned to the dragon.

"Come, Delia" she said."
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 10/07/09 04:02 PM

But what happens next????
Posted By: baby blue

Re: Let's Write A Story - 10/08/09 12:58 AM

making sure she had her supplies, including her sketchbook, the companions settled under the wayward pine for the night. it was a little cool but the small dragon soon had the chill taken from the air. a few deep breaths and the air was comfortable and any remaining moisture dried off. after a drink and small snack, sleep began it's decent upon the two exhausted travelers.
maia rested comfortably, leaning back against the warm, reassuring body of her friend.
delia breathed a heavy sigh of contentment as she lay, like an oversized cat, curled around the girl. her long, sinuous neck curved around and her muzzle rested in the girl's lap. the sparkling blue tail wound around the other way to surround maia.
as sleep finally overcame maia, she felt as though she was adrift in warm, calm aquamarine ocean.
neither dragon or girl stirred for the rest of the night, safety and comfort providing an untroubled reprieve for the weary adventurers.
the glimmering sets of eyes, high in the boughs, slid over the forest, watching. stars winked into existence one by one and as the night progressed, the sky resembled sparkles on dark, still water. the watchers continued their protective vigil, the night passing uneventfully. as the sun began to expose color in the fast fading darkness... the eyes swept around a final time and with the first stirring of the travelers below, turned toward each other for a few seconds and blinked out of existence.
Posted By: PDM

Re: Let's Write A Story - 10/08/09 02:09 PM

Maia awoke early, feeling refreshed and happy, until she realised ..

"Oh, no! I fell asleep! Mum and Dad will be beside themselves with worry!" She roused Delia and started to run home as fast as she could, but was suddenly hit by another thought: What if they had called the police!? What could she tell them all?!

Muddled thoughts raced through her head as she raced through the quiet streets.

She arrived home breathless and anxious. When she knocked on the door she discovered that her parents were awake and waiting for her. She could see that concern was etched on their faces ~ but they were not as fearful as she had expected them to be.

An invisible Delia watched the unfolding events.

"We have been expecting this ~ ever since your 18th birthday" said Maia's father gently, as her mother hugged her tight.

"We know that you must ..."
Posted By: Carl

Re: Let's Write A Story - 10/09/09 01:04 AM

"... walk your own spirit quest." Her Mom added, "I walked mine, and in finding myself I helped others, and learned to accept help. At key times, your Dad kept popping up. It took a while, but as my spirit quest drew to an end, I knew my spirit recognized his."
Posted By: olla86

Re: Let's Write A Story - 11/05/09 03:23 PM

Than I decided to go...
Posted By: PDM

Re: Let's Write A Story - 11/05/09 03:44 PM

... forward into my future, with him ~ as a couple. Sadly, we found that we could not have children of our own, so, when we learned that you needed foster parents, and that we would be the parents honoured with the task of caring for you, we were overjoyed. We loved you from the moment we set eyes upon you. We shall always love you ~ and we shall always worry, but we know that you have your destiny, just as we had ours."

"Thank you, so much" whispered Maia, as tears flowed.
They hugged.

Suddenly Maia looked up: "Mum, Dad, do you know Prince Rouark?"

They hesitated. Then her father spoke: "Why do you ask"

"He has befriended me and he seems so kind, yet I feel unsure about him."

"I think that you are right to be cautious", her mother answered. "As a member of your country's royal family, he is distantly related to you. We were told, by the king and queen ~ your parents ~ that they had been considering a betrothal between you and him, while you were still infants, but, when the rebellion took hold, it wasn't to be."

"I don't want an arranged marriage" answered Maia.

"I don't think that this would happen now, anyway, dear" said her mother, "but I want you to be careful. You were smuggled out, but he stayed there. I can't help but wonder how he remained safe, after the revolution against the royal family."

"Yes, that is something that has long troubled us" added her father. "Is he really your friend? ~ He may be, but I think that you are right to be wary. Please, Maia, please take care of yourself!"

Maia looked troubled, but resolute.
"Mum, Dad, I'm going to ...."
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 11/18/09 06:39 PM

"I am going to visit the kingdom where I was born. I shall have Delia with me" ~ she patted the dragon at her side ~ "so you will not need to worry about me. I know that I shall always be safe with her. I just need to go back to the place where I was born. Maybe I shall find answers there."

"Before you go," said her father, "there is something you must know. It concerns a lady, who can be found in a strange old shop, not too far away."

Maia showed them the drawing that she had made, of the shop she had visited.

"You have seen this shop?" asked her mother.

"Yes. It was a strange place. My magic went out of control there. I wanted to help the woman, but she seemed to reject my offers. I don't know. It was all so strange."

"That woman is related to you, somehow. She escaped the magic kingdom when you did," said her father.
"Other than that, we know nothing about her," added her mother.

Her foster parents told her how much they would like to help her, but they couldn't. Everything concerning Maia, the shop-lady, Rouark and Maia's royal family belonged to a different realm ~ a realm of magic and of mystery.

Maia kissed them both, before setting off once more. She allowed Delia to lead her to a kingdom that she had not seen since she was a babe-in-arms.
Posted By: Carl

Re: Let's Write A Story - 11/18/09 10:36 PM

Suddenly Delia stopped Maia, and spoke in her mind, *shhhhh, there's something going on just ahead. Climb on my back and wrap your arms around my neck. You will be invisible, also, as I share my life force with you."

A little hesitantly, Maia did as Delia suggested. As Delia moved forward through the dense forest and underbrush, they saw a clearing, and there was the woman from the shop, and could that be the king?

The woman was saying, "Prince Rouark has involved himself with the one foretold in the prophecy. The spell which binds him and the kingdom is in danger. They must be kept apart."
Posted By: PDM

Re: Let's Write A Story - 11/18/09 11:08 PM

Maia was completely bewildered. She had sensed that this woman was in danger, and had intended to help her, yet here she was, apparently plotting against her.
Or was there more to this?

And who was this king? ~ She was sure that she would have recognised her own father, so this must be the usurper, who had either exiled, or imprisoned, her biological parents.

And Rouark! He was under a spell! That explained a lot.
She needed to be wary of him, but she also needed to help him.
She sensed that only together could they break the power of the false king and queen.

"The spell which binds him and the kingdom is in danger. They must be kept apart."
Hhmmm ...
Maia guessed that the more time she spent with Rouark, the less powerful their control over him would prove to be.

Now she knew what to do.
She must get close to the prince, but without him seeing her.
She was right to want to go to the magic kingdom ~ but she must remain invisible
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Re: Let's Write A Story - 11/19/09 12:11 AM

"Delia," Maia asked, "Is there a spell whereby both of us can remain invisible? Or is there another way?"

What about the boy. Can he help us? She wondered, forgetting that Delia was so linked with her, it was just as if she had spoken.
Posted By: PDM

Re: Let's Write A Story - 11/19/09 02:35 AM

"Yes, Maia, I think that the boy could help us. If we can find him, and take him from the magical realm to your adoptive land, then Rouark may follow."

"Yes! That's it! If we can get Rouark away from the usurpers, and into my company, on my home ground, then we may be able to break the evil spell that binds him."

They continued, warily and invisibly, on to the royal castle, which had once ~ but only for a very short time ~ been Maia's home.
Posted By: PDM

Re: Let's Write A Story - 11/26/09 01:55 AM

As they rode on, Maia wondered what on earth the future might hold ~ for her and for her friends and family.
Posted By: PDM

Re: Let's Write A Story - 01/11/10 02:00 AM

She found out ~ and maybe Rouark found out too.
But did anyone else?
Might any of us?????
Posted By: Carl

Re: Let's Write A Story - 01/11/10 02:29 AM

What's that I hear? The wind? Leaves rustling? Faint music?

A thought is forming, almost like the wind carries a subliminal message:

"You must truly want to know! When the time is right, and your desire is strong, the story will continue."
Posted By: PDM

Re: Let's Write A Story - 01/11/10 03:11 AM

Then I shall wait patiently smile
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Let's Write A Story - 01/26/10 06:42 AM

Maia and Delia crested a small rise in the road, and suddenly in front of them a pair of granite spires began to appear. As they moved forward down the gravel path, the rest of the castle slowly came into view.

It had been a beautiful building once - two stories, graceful lines, a crenulated line along the roof. In the center of the building was an arched circle over a pair of richly carved double oak doors.

But as they slowly moved closer to the structure, details began to become more clear. The iron knockers were askew, barely attached to the wood. Weeds surrounded the base of the building. One of the large windows on the ground floor had a long, dagger-shaped crack across its lower edge.

Maia and Delia glanced at each other nervously, then, taking in a deep breath, moved forward towards the door.
Posted By: Luna-Rose

Re: Let's Write A Story - 04/07/10 12:40 AM


Maia was thrown back by a large blast. She saw Delia loose her footing, and get blown away by a second blast.

" Wha... what's going on...?" she wondered.

But then, the smoke started to clear, and Maia was suprised by what she saw through the faint, wispy, gray clouds...
Posted By: Belesaria

Re: Let's Write A Story - 05/08/10 02:45 PM

Another dragon. This one was larger than Dalia, and had a hard gleam in his eye. There was no doubt in her mind that it was male, in part because of the wash of strange feelings she began to feel from Dalia.

And standing next to this new dragon was...
Posted By: PDM

Re: Let's Write A Story - 05/19/10 08:45 AM

And standing next to this new dragon was ..... Rouark!


Was he friend or foe?

The vibes that Maia picked up from the male dragon were not exactly positive ones; well, she didn't think so, anyway.
She looked at Delia, and Delia was looking nervous for the first time since they had met.

Maia depended on Delia; a worried companion was a matter of great concern for the young girl.

Maia looked again at Rouark.

Friend or foe?!

Now that she had been thrown from Delia's back, she guessed that she was no longer invisible.

"Hello Rouark", she said, smiling nervously, "what is happening here? What were those explosions? "
Posted By: PDM

Re: Let's Write A Story - 05/19/10 09:13 AM

What Maia did not know, but that Rouark might have guessed, was that she and the prince were being watched.

Up in a turret of the ruinous castle stood a woman ~ the woman from the shop.

Indeed, she was also still in her shop, for once one entered that establishment ~ which appeared to be in the human realm ~ one also entered the strange magic castle.

The woman's name was Esmerelda ~ and she was a cousin of the usurping king. She thought that was helping him to hold on to his stolen power because she loved him, but, in truth, it was because she was under his spell. She was also Rouark's aunt ~ Rouark was the usurping king's son.

It was Esmerelda's job to ensure that the Rouark and Esmerelda did not become close, for, if they did, then the 'king's' position would be weakened. If the king felt that she had let him down ~ then her life would be in great danger.

Furthermore, Esmerelda was also cousin to Maia's mother. She knew that Maia's parents were the real monarchs of the land, and that Maia was the heiress to the kingdom, so, because of her magically misplaced loyalty, she felt that she had to keep power away from the girl ~ and the girl away from Rouark. She didn't want the boy to lead a rebellion against his father.
Posted By: Carl

Re: Let's Write A Story - 07/21/10 01:01 AM

Rouark smiled at Delia. "I know you are not sure whether you can trust me. I would never harm you. Somehow our destinies are entwined. I feel it. Don't you? Something is going on here that is not quite what it seems. Maia and Delia, this dragon, Oscar, has appeared to me at crucial times in my life. He has taken me to another place - another world? another dimension? - when I need to see what is going on in this world as it really is, rather than what it is magically made to appear."

"Delia doesn't know this dragon?" asked Maia.

"There's a kind of recognition, for Delia is of that world, but she was hatched here, and hasn't seen her real home, yet."

"What should we do?"

Roark said, "I think the four of us should go with Oscar to his realm. There we can get acquainted and clear up misunderstandings, and compare notes on our observations. In addition, Oscar - with Delia and we two in link - can help us see through the magical illusions that are going on in our world. Then perhaps we can plan what we should do."

"I'm fearful, and my mind doubts, but I must admit that my heart wants to believe what you say," answered Maia.

"I pledge to you that I will always work to keep you from harm, my lady. Come, call Delia to you, and take my hand. Oscar will take us to his world."
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