... a vision of herself, the baby dragon and the unknown woman she knew to be in danger.

This young lady had never believed in magic; had never believed in anything but her own ordinariness ~ but now she was aware that something very real, very special and very, very unusual was happening ~ and that she was at the centre of it.

It concerned the strange man in the woods, the harpist, the baby dragon ~ and herself.

Between them, she knew now, they had to save a woman's life.

This was to be the first of her special tasks ~ to fight against evil.

She was just a girl ~ not a superwoman, but she had new special friends ~ and she had a special talent. She could draw.

Was this going to help her?
Was this her equivalent of 'a superpower'?

How was she going to find the strange woman, and could she save her from the evil which threatened her?

She had to do something and suddenly she knew exactly what it would be; she picked up her pad and pencils and she ....

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"The secret of success is constancy to purpose" - Benjamin Disraeli.