making sure she had her supplies, including her sketchbook, the companions settled under the wayward pine for the night. it was a little cool but the small dragon soon had the chill taken from the air. a few deep breaths and the air was comfortable and any remaining moisture dried off. after a drink and small snack, sleep began it's decent upon the two exhausted travelers.
maia rested comfortably, leaning back against the warm, reassuring body of her friend.
delia breathed a heavy sigh of contentment as she lay, like an oversized cat, curled around the girl. her long, sinuous neck curved around and her muzzle rested in the girl's lap. the sparkling blue tail wound around the other way to surround maia.
as sleep finally overcame maia, she felt as though she was adrift in warm, calm aquamarine ocean.
neither dragon or girl stirred for the rest of the night, safety and comfort providing an untroubled reprieve for the weary adventurers.
the glimmering sets of eyes, high in the boughs, slid over the forest, watching. stars winked into existence one by one and as the night progressed, the sky resembled sparkles on dark, still water. the watchers continued their protective vigil, the night passing uneventfully. as the sun began to expose color in the fast fading darkness... the eyes swept around a final time and with the first stirring of the travelers below, turned toward each other for a few seconds and blinked out of existence.

baby blue