4 times a day? well what i been doing is i take them out when i have time and theyll be out like 4 hours and then i put them back in, they would always come out if the door was open in the morning or afternoon, tthey love coming out because i give them a bath few times with a small bath with a mirror and they love it and they play on their playgym, yea its really fun, they also eat from my hand! even the keet that was scared of me, now its so much better, he hops on my hand and all, its great, i just put some seeds in the middle of my hand, put it near my keet and he hops on my finger HIMSELF, i DO NOT touch him at all wink and he eats, i do this with both hands so both of my keets have a hand to eat from, i jus give them a bit tho, not too much, i have a little problem with getting them back in the cage, is there a way to like make them come back when i ring a bell in the cage? cuz there is a really cool and load bell in the cage and if i ring it they hear it of course, btw i have a question, when i let them out they like sitting on the bars of the window and go from there to either the playgym or the window bars, they like to go back and forth from the windows bars to the playgym in other words, and i have a question, the window bars are not 100% clean you know because obviously its a window and they like chewing on the bars and playing with the bars , because they also look out of the window when they are on the bars, its not dengerous they are hanging on there yea? i mean i can close the window when i let them out and then they wont be able to go on the bars anymore but then they wont be able to look out of the window either, well tthey can but from the window glass, if i close the window theyll be sitting on the playgym, i dont think its dengerous letting them be on the bars, i mean my only concern is that the window bars are not the cleanest and that they like to chew on it and all, theres no bugs or anything of that kind of course but theres some dust here in there because its a window..

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