but i heared that a nest encoureges them to breed, which im not sure i want because i dont know what steps to take and stuff you know, and im preety sure i have 1 male and 1 female because 1's cere is purple and the othere's is like white/pink, oh btw i want to report on my progress, they now eat from my hand! both of my keets, what i do is i place some seed in the center of my hand and put my hand near chucky or my female keet and they hop on and start eating freely, not scared or anything, i do this with both of my hands of course, 1 for each keet laugh when 1 finishes he tries to go to my other hand when theres some seeds left LOL, hungry boy smile lol

they let me feed them like this both in the cage and outside the cage, they also like hoping to my finger from some distance too, like i dont have tto put my finger near their belly's , wink

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